Marquis - Home, A Queer Cooking Series

Marquis is a make up artist & social media diva living in Brooklyn, New York. We had so much fun dancing and cutting up cheese while filming this episode. In this episode he makes his favorite comfort food, Mac & Cheese. He talks about how New York is a thriving city with opportunities for queer people and how this gives him confidence understanding his identity.

Brandon - Home, A Queer Cooking Series

Brandon lives in Binghamton, New York where he works in the local hospital as a Perioperative Manager. In this episode Brandon makes a family dish; Chicken Paprikash with Spaetzle. Brandon talks about his close connection to his family and Jewish heritage and how learning to be patient with himself and others led him to a wider understanding of the LGBTQ community. Check out the latest episode!

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Santos Muñoz - Home, A Queer Cooking Series

Santos Muñoz is a portrait photographer living in Brooklyn, New York. In this episode he cooks French Toast and Scrambled Eggs. Santos recently came out with his new series of work "No One Exists Alone" a series that explores queer vulnerability. He talks about how he creates connections in New York through his art and how connecting through love and vulnerability is a way he protects himself in the community.

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Peter & Manny - Home, A Queer Cooking Series

Peter & Manny live in Brooklyn, New York. In this episode, they cook Turkey Chili, a recipe that has history and a lot of love. They talk about how they keep a healthy relationship despite all of the fear and obstacles life throws at you.