Zayn Phallic - Home, A Queer Cooking Series

Zayn Phallic is a London-Based Drag King & Producer of the KOC (Kings of Color) Initiative. In this episode Zayn makes a Jollof Salad and talks about their work as a Drag King and Producer at the KOC Initiative.

Tasha Marks - Home, A Queer Cooking Series

Tasha Marks is a food historian and artist living in London. In this episode Tasha makes a Butternut Squash Tagine, a color changing Butterfly Pea Gin & Tonic and Chocolate Marble with Chocolate Ice Cream. In this episode they talk about their relationship to history and food and how they created their unique career as a food historian. Check out their creative practice: AVM Curiosities below:

Travis Alabanza - Home, A Queer Cooking Series

Travis Alabanza is a London-based writer, theater maker and performance artist. Travis reads "The Sea" from their poetry book "Before I Step Outside (You Love Me) and talks about their process as a writer. In this episode they make Beans on Toast and Travis talks about the special relationship they have with food and their roots. I'm incredibly grateful for this episode. I started following Travis Alabanza on social media while moving to London. I'm a huge fan of their work as a writer and performance artist. Their work is incredibly important. A huge thanks to Travis for participating in the series. Please follow their work and go to their performances!