John Phillip Sage - Porrusalda

John Phillip Sage




·      4 Leeks

·      3 Potatoes

·      2 Carrots

·      1 Butternut Squash (Or 1 little pumpkin)

·      Salt

·      Olive Oil (Not Necessary)



1.     Clean and cut the leeks into 1cm slives

2.     Trim and peal the carrots an the butternut squash

3.     Peal the potatoes and break them, do not cut.

4.     Pour water in the pot covering all the cut veggies.

5.     Add a spoonful of salt and some olive oil

6.     Bring the water to a boil

7.     After bringing the water to a boil, reduce the heal to low for 40 minutes.

8.     Done!