Home is a queer cooking series. Home is inclusive. Home is about real people and real food. It’s about coming together, taking care of each other and sharing our stories. It seeks to create loving, human and honest images of queer people through something we all do each day. Food brings people together, it’s personal and creates intimacy.

Home, A Queer Cooking Series was recently featured in:

MIX NYC Experimental Queer Film Festival 2018 for Untitled Queen's Episode for Black and Brown Lives Matter

Fringe! Queer Film Festival 2017 for Blaize Henry's Episode at Shorts: Back to the Future and Lasana Shabazz's episode for Shorts: All Born Superstars, Everyday Queer Performance. 

Brixton Reel Film Festival for "Too Black, Too Queer" 2017

Sunday Funday Film Festival for "Documenting Queerness" 2017. 

This is an on-going series, everyone is welcome to participate. I'm filming in New York and London! Subscribe to the Newsletter or send me an email if you're interested!